SWT(Standard Widget Toolkit) Standard Widget Toolkit是一个开源的GUI编程框架,与AWT/Swing有相似的用处,著名的开源IDE-eclipse就是用SWT开发的。 在SWT之前,Sun已经提供了一个跨平台GUI开发工具包AWT (Abstract Windowing Toolkit)。AWT框架不使用原生窗口部件(native widgets),一直未能突破LCD问题。LCD问题导致了一些主要平台特征的遗失。

    另一种释义:SWT(Stationary Wavelet Transform ),平稳小波变换,或者静态小波变换。

    2015年SWT工厂标语征集活动(Collection of SWT MOTTO for 2015):

    1、严守岗位职责,成就团队辉煌!(Strict on my post responsibility to realize team improvement!)

    2、展共同进步,赢丰收成果!(Display common progress, Win briliant future!)

    3、有坚持,有责任,有目标,有动力!(Perseverance, responsibility, Target, Driving Force!)

    4、努力、进步、认真、发展! (Endeavor, Progress, Work-hard, Development!)

    5、跟紧代表,创新进步,乐享共赢!(Listen to OR spokes, Create development, Enjoy Common Winning!)

    6、标准为路标,OR为驱动,行驶于进步之道!(Standard is the direction, OR is the driving force, on the Progress Road!)

    7、今天我以米其林为荣,明天米其林以我为荣!(I am proud of Michelin Today, Michelin is proud of me Tomorrow!)

    8、世界之旅、其林之道、驾驭之感、尽显米轮!(Travel of the world, Michelin Way, Driving Power, Michelin Tyre!)

    9、区域管理我当家,绩效进步靠大家!(I am the owner of area management, performance improvement depends on everybody!)

    10、以人为本,强化标准!(Be human-oriented, Force on standard!)

    11、我的工作我做主,我的标准我遵守!(I am responsible for my work, I respect my standard!)

    12、我的团队我做主,我定标准我遵守!(I am the owner of my team, I respect the standard I set up!)

    13、我们的承诺,我们的证实,我们的典范!(Our Promise, Our witness, Our Model!)

    14、团结一心,其利断金!团结一致,再创佳绩!(Stick together and create better performance!)

    15、光靠记忆不可靠,标准作业最重要! (Standardized working is much more important than the memory!)

    16、享受授权,团队自主!(Enjoy OR, Team will be powerful!)

    17、守标准,重参与,同进步!(Respect Standard, actively participate, develop together!)

    18、自发、自主、自律、自强 共识、共勉、共守、共荣!(Initiatiness, Autonomous, Deciplinery, Powerful, Common understanding, encougage each other, be proud together!)

    19、驾驭变化,乘风破浪!(Steer the changes, surf on the wave!)

    20、发扬主人翁精神,开拓未来新局面!(Have Ownership awaress, Explore new future!)

    21、严守标准,成就辉煌!(Stick on Standard, realize great future!)

    22、快乐工作,和谐生活!(Happy Work, Harmonious Life!)

    23、我用效率和毅力,和工厂共同发展!(I have efficiency and perseverance to grow up together with our plant!)

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